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Moderne Stadthäuser

Real Estate.

Mission Statement

The property industry is systemically significant. The demand for urban living space is increasing and more new construction projects are being developed. With almost 40% of international greenhouse gas emissions, this is a particular focus when it comes to political endeavours.  

Project developers and architects are developing newer, more modern and more sustainable planning concepts. However, below ESG standards for sustainable buildings, these concepts are covered with value analyses, documentation obligations and certification procedures and assessed for sustainability. Such assessment and certification procedures have become a condition for the allocation of funding!

QNG Seal
ESG Standards

The state-introduced "Sustainable Building Quality Seal" constitutes the basic prerequisite for existing and future approval procedures for the construction of buildings and the receipt of subsidies and financing.

We work directly with the relevant organisations and are familiar with the analysis and allocation processes.



As advisors, we have the necessary expertise and are happy to support you in the realisation of your project.

Strategy Consultancy

When it comes to property investments, the right strategy plays an important role. With our strategic advice for existing properties and portfolios, we optimise your orientation and safeguard your investments.


Our experienced advisors analyse your portfolio holistically, identify opportunities and develop effective strategies to ensure the long-term financial security of your properties.


You can rely on our expertise for profound and objective consultancy.

Asset Management

Benefit from the advantages of professional asset management for your properties and portfolios.


With precision analysis, strategic forecasting and effective implementation, we help you maximise the long-term value of your investments.


We are always happy to provide you with our expertise so that a sustainable increase in your performance and improvement in your portfolio positioning can be realised.

Property Management

Optimize the value retention of your properties with our professional portfolio and condominium management.


Our property and condominium managers cover all relevant service areas, from efficient maintenance to transparent cost management.


You can rely on competent support for the seamless and sustainable management of your portfolio and condominium properties.


Mediation & Negotiation

As surveyors and specialists in negotiation and mediation, we are ideally qualified to provide you with support in important negotiations or frozen conflict situations.

 Our aim is to achieve the best conditions for you and to find favourable solutions.

 Our teams are internationally multilingual and bring the necessary cultural sensitivity to the negotiating table.

ESG Real Estate Report

How sustainable is your property?

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Why us and not them?

  • Integration of relevant ESG regulation 

        (Taxonomy, TCFD, SFRD, NFRD, CSR-RUG, UN SDG,

        Supply Chain Act, GRI, etc.)

Key analytical aspects

  • Combination of the most important ESG scoring models

        (ESG agencies & NGOs)

  • 16 aggregated checklists of banks & funding institutions

Know-how & Digitalisation

  • Cert. Rating Analysts + Property & Sustainability Experts

  • Digital workflows and efficient reporting/scoring generation

  • Flexible customisation | high degree of automation

  • ESG sustainability seal

  • Scoring evaluation based on accepted standard weighting

  • Risk classification (disclosure according to rating scale)

  • ESG level of maturity & recommendation for action

  • Disclosure of your ESG conformity



Transparent result culture with quality seal!


Our workflow under the ...QNG criteria

ESG Immo Report
Nachhaltiges Gebäude
Grün drinnen
Wohngebäude mit Solarmodulen
Green Buildings
Modernes Haus
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Sustainable construction

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