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Mission Statement

Sustainability is an issue that affects us all. Our responsibility towards our people, the environment and, consequently, future generations, is necessary but must be economically feasible. 

As analysts and advisors, we promote the issue of sustainability, but adopt a pragmatic approach. There are big differences between regulatory requirements and the ability to implement them in practice. With us, you have a partner who combines both worlds. We offer you lean structures and transparent processes. Shaping the future and improving yourself should be a source of satisfaction and not jeopardise your company.


ESG SME & Real Estate Reporting

The regulations are in place and will become binding for you too, if they aren't already. By the look, every company will have to report in future! Establishing your own structures, however, costs time, money and frustration.


You focus on your core business and we support you with lean external structures. Our service is lawful and compliant. On top you get a certificate that is highly comparable on the market, including a scoring evaluation based on standardised risk management and reporting procedures.

ESG Rating Assessment

Our rating assessments are validated and our analysts are certified.

 Through our expertise as certified rating analysts, we have created a 100% transparent and comparable digital ESG rating that covers every relevant criterion of every self-proclaimed ESG rating agency and bank.

Do you see greenwashing as a risk and want to protect yourself? If so, our rating is the right tool for you!

SDG Goals
UN Auditors

We have been commissioned by the UNGSII Foundation (2014, by the Director General of the UN Michael Moller) for the German-speaking European location to design UN Habitat audit procedures for projects, companies and cities as part of the 2030 Agenda for the certification of the first 80 cities in 20 countries and to test them in the first 80 cities and 80 industrial sectors.

Supply Chain
Analysis & Reporting

Do you already have to report or are you still exempt, whilst wanting to be proactive with your supply chain?

Globalisation and impacts such as higher energy costs are not compatible. It is therefore good to know how resilient your own supply chain is. 


Analyses and legally compliant reports are no problem for us!


Evaluate your partners and supply chains and highlight how resilient you are!

ESG Reporting

  • seal & certificate from rating analysts

  • certified ESG compliance

  • market comparability

  • 100% publication & image improvement

  • TOP value for money

Your sustainability report in 7 days

(Scoring, rating score & seal of approval)

CFE_web_esg reporting_en_.png

What sets us apart?

  • aggregation of all ESG queries of german commercial banks

  • focal points of analyses on relevant SASB criteria
    (Sustainability Standards Accounting Board)

  • industry weighting based on SASB industry classes

  • methodology based on S&P sustainability rating

Grüne Energie Turbinen
CFE Consulting - ESG Certificate
CFE Consulting - ESG Report (Evaluation)
ESG Report
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