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Mission Statement

Ratings are the key control instrument in the business world when it comes to transparency and comparability. Transparent presentation and standardised analysis and evaluation procedures for company factors are the only way to ensure comprehensive and clear stakeholder communication.

You are not sure whether your suppliers can process your orders? Or would you like to expand and are looking for a venture?

Ratings give you a strong negotiating position!

KPI Reporting

The basis of your KPI reporting is an analysis of your balance sheets and annual financial statements together with information on your management and business strategy.

Analysis & evaluation parameters are further supplemented by:

  • Core, coverage, amortisation and general key figures



The final evaluation report contains an assessment of your KPIs in comparison to the industry as well as a future value analysis of your individual indicators.

Rating Assessment

Benefit from the added value of reliable rating analyses and certified rating assessments for your company.


Our methodology follows the international standards of the big three rating agencies and internal bank ratings of german commercial banks.


Our rating services are important tools of the traditional SME sector regarding financial markets and suppliers. 

With a rating assessment issued by us, you have a tool that stands up to any comparability and serves as a basis for comparison.

Monitoring (Audit)

Our reports and rating assessments are considered plausible and accepted on the financial market from the time of completion. 

We can guarantee the validity and actuality for a maximum period of 12 months from the time of commissioning. 



If you require ongoing monitoring for your company or your portfolios, we will be happy to support you.

CFE Ratings

Rating Report + Rating Score

& Seal of Approval

Validated, transparent, digital & comparable

Extract from our rating clusters:

CFE Corporate Rating Cluster

Our rating products

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  • accredited

  • agency methodology

  • top value for money

  • industry comparison

  • future value 

  • monitoring

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