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Corporate, Finance, Turnaround & Sustainability

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Our services

Discover our holistic range of services for your business.

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Sustainability is an issue every forward-thinking company faces every day. However, regulatory requirements and ideological political values have greatly complicated this ambition through bureaucratisation. You, as an entrepreneur, do not know how to manage this complex mesh of criteria, measurement and analysis procedures as well as reporting and perhaps even question their added value? 

CFE - your partner for the ESG issue through strategic minimalism



Our products fulfil precisely these criteria and relieve you of the cost-intensive integration of personnel and infrastructure.

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Ratings & Assessments

As certified rating analysts and consultants, our ratings are the perfect tool for all kinds of valid negotiations with stakeholders. In the case of financing, our ratings comply with legal standards. In crisis situations, we protect you with the necessary IDW assessments. 


We close the gap between the highest methodological standards and affordable solutions


In addition to traditional corporate ratings, our rating models also cover the areas of sustainability, real estate and innovative technologies.

We prepare our reports in accordance with the IDW standards (S1-S11).

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As consultants for SMEs, we are familiar with the issues that you will encounter in the economy. Whether it's a crisis situation, the threat of insolvency, strategic reorganisation, raising capital or temporary management functions, we cover the specifics. You will always receive a 100% customised consultation from us. And all of this is even subsidised, in the interests of SMEs. 


You will receive a free subsidy quick check within 24 hours


We carry out the subsidy analysis, prepare or finalise important documents (business plans in accordance with Basel and MIFID regulations, strategy papers, etc.) and help with the application if required. Our success rate of over 90% speaks for itself.

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Real Estate

As a guarantor of stability and security, the real estate sector is currently facing many uncertainties. The financial viability of projects is at risk, margins are falling and project planning, modernisation or the simple management of a property are increasingly low-yielding.

Non-performing assets and portfolios must be consolidated and protected from overindebtedness. 

It all comes down to the best strategic positioning and restructuring!

As financiers and consultants for precisely such situations, we understand your needs and are aware of the requirements of your negotiating partners, banks and stakeholders.


Which sectors are currently being subsidised in particular?

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Safeguarding your campany

Economies and financial markets are becoming more complicated!

It's time for you to consolidate and future-proof your financial architecture today or invest in sectors that protect you and your business model before the crisis affects you also. 

With currently around 30 funding programmes such as special funds and working capital loans (with up to 80% guarantees from guarantee banks) for investments in areas such as contract financing, goods purchases, debt repayments, settlements, company expansion, fix costs, and more. Opportunities have been created to protect you directly.

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Real Estate

Transformation into sustainable properties pose major challenges for owners in terms of maintaining value and manageability. 


Where do you stand now? Where you should be? What investments do you need to plan for? Where is the profitability of your portfolio heading? 


We focus on all the requirements and can help you directly to secure your property.


We can identify subsidies (approx. 80 programmes) for you, that have a maximum funding rate (approx. 50 programmes at 40%), substitute equity with guarantees (approx. 10 programmes) and require a minimum level of collateral.


Machines & Equipment

Investments in machines or production line components are always associated with a high financial exposure.

Do you have ideas for an addition to your machine park or are there modern technologies that you would like to utilise for a sustainable recycling chain in your production process?

We can currently address 380 active funding programmes and 280 direct subsidy programmes with up to 50% (subsidy rate) through our database.



The path towards a digital future is constantly evolving. To remain competitive, companies need to accelerate their digital transformation. Take advantage of our expertise in the fields of financing and subsidies.

With more than 300 current funding programmes and over 200 actual subsidy programmes with an average of over 50% (subsidy rate), the question is not whether, but when the implementation should begin.


About Us

Highest expertise & digital structures for your hybrid consulting experience

With over 20 years of expertise, track records and modern digital approaches, we provide end-to-end consulting models.

Our digital products reduce costs through actual applicability.

Our goal is your future viability through valid performance.


Selection of our co-operation & contact partners:

Sustainable economy
UN Habitat
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