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Our management and employees stand for customised solutions and modular service offerings. The modular approach we have developed follows the needs and processes of the real economy as well as the normative and regulatory standards for analysing and evaluating companies. 


Our understanding is that you and your company are unique. Our work therefore starts exactly where we can create added value for you. No matter what stage you are at as a management or company, we have the necessary components ready for you.


We would also be happy to guide you personally through our consulting services. Simply use our chat feature and ask your digital consultant an initial question, or use the "start consultation" function and contact us directly. Under the header "Our philosophy", you will find detailed information on how we work and what our corporate values are.



Active service areas.

"Discover our range of services and let us inspire, support or accompany you on your next entrepreneurial move..."

Foggy Mountains

Turnaround & Restructuring.



Specialising in the adoption of ESUG and StaRUG, we support you in taking preventative actions at an early stage in order to prevent or effectively manage insolvency. Through a detailed analysis, we develop individual reorganisation concepts, guide you through complex restructuring processes and strengthen the position of your company within the framework of the statutory regulations.


As a key strategic partner, the CFE Group offers guidance in all phases of the ESUG, StaRUG and insolvency process.


Turnaround &

The CFE Group offers turnaround and restructuring solutions for companies in difficult financial situations or undergoing strategic transformation. Through detailed due diligence, we uncover hidden efficiency potential and operational challenges. 

With our holistic approach, we develop turnaround strategies to restore your financial stability. We support you during the turnaround process, the optimisation of your business model and the implementation of effective restructuring measures. The aim is to navigate you through critical phases and create a solid foundation for future growth.


Negotiation & Mediation

Operating as resilient restructuring consultants and mediators, we are ideally qualified to assist you with financing meetings, lenders' conferences or the entire stabilisation process.

Our teams are internationally multilingual and bring the necessary cultural sensitivity to the negotiating table. 

With volumes of around EUR 3.7 billion in restructured distressed portfolios and companies, as advisors and trustees, we have the necessary experience to deal with bigger assignments and to represent you with the required quality in front of your stakeholders or to act as your mediator.


Real Estate in Crisis
Distressed Properties

With our experience in the property and finance sector, we cover all areas of expertise with our broad range of services and competence profiles.  These include the restructuring of your property portfolio, crisis management, necessary risk assessments, a complete restructuring of your capital structure, possible optimisation of operating costs or an improvement in the valuation and marketing of your property through targeted action packages. 

Please feel free to contact us at any time. 

Moderne Stadthäuser

Real Estate.



The state-introduced "Sustainable Building Quality Seal" constitutes the basic prerequisite for existing and future approval procedures for the construction of buildings and the receipt of subsidies and financing. 


We work directly with the relevant organisations and are familiar with the analysis and allocation processes.


As advisors, we have the necessary expertise and are happy to support you in the realisation of your project.


Strategy Consultancy

When it comes to property investments, the right strategy plays an important role. With our strategic advice for existing properties and portfolios, we optimise your orientation and safeguard your investments.

Our experienced advisors analyse your portfolio holistically, identify opportunities and develop effective strategies to ensure the long-term financial security of your properties.


You can rely on our expertise for profound and objective consultancy.


Asset Management

Benefit from the advantages of professional asset management for your properties and portfolios.


With precision analysis, strategic forecasting and effective implementation, we help you maximise the long-term value of your investments.


We are always happy to provide you with our expertise so that a sustainable increase in your performance and improvement in your portfolio positioning can be realised.


Property Management

Optimise the value retention of your properties with our professional portfolio and condominium management.


Our property and condominium managers cover all relevant service areas, from efficient maintenance to transparent cost management.


You can rely on competent support for the seamless and sustainable management of your portfolio and condominium properties.


Mediation & Negotiation

As surveyors and specialists in negotiation and mediation, we are ideally qualified to provide you with support in important negotiations or frozen conflict situations. 

Our aim is to achieve the best conditions for you and to find favourable solutions. 


Our teams are internationally multilingual and bring the necessary cultural sensitivity to the negotiating table. 

Die Analyse der Daten

Corporate & 


Financing &
Venture Capital

As a financing specialist with a 20-year track record, we are the go-to partner when you require capital.

Our access to all relevant public and commercial banks ensures possible bank financing to secure your project. 

Lacking equity capital?

If you lack equity capital, we expand your options to the venture capital market, equity-like financing and risk capital providers. 

Our databases and networks enable direct and targeted identification of potential venture capital partners.


Strategy Consulting
Merger & Acquisition

From term sheet to closing. Company acquisitions or mergers are an important part of a long-term corporate strategy. With the support of our consulting teams, you identify the right measures to ensure your company's long-term viability.


This can be achieved through mergers or company acquisitions. Equally, it is also possible that your own company is to be sold. In both cases, we take care of all the necessary measures and details.


Rating Assessment

Benefit from the added value of reliable rating analyses and certified rating assessments for your company.

Our methodology follows the international standards of the big three rating agencies and internal bank ratings of german commercial banks.

Our rating services are important tools of the traditional SME sector regarding financial markets and suppliers. 


With a rating assessment issued by us, you have a tool that stands up to any comparability and serves as a basis for comparison.


Business Plans 
& Assessments

When you commission a business plan, IDW S1-S11 assessment or any other performance-related analyses and reports from us, you can be sure that you will receive a product that complies with all relevant MiFID, Basel, IDW and DVFA standards and other customary market quality features. 

Our aim is to provide you with informative and reliable documents for critical negotiating and your financing partners.

Our financial plans and valuations are scalable and our price/performance ratio is a benchmark.

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Subsidies & 


Subsidy Quick Check

"We examine your project cost-free"

Do you have an idea or vision for the direction of your company? Investing in yourself is always smart and makes sense in the long term.

But does your vision has to be realised with a large part of your own liquidity or are there better options?


We check whether your project can be financed directly through subsidy programmes. This way, your capital stays where it belongs and you can invest in the future.

- and all this with minimised risk


Subsidy Analysis
"100% customised"

Our subsidy analysis is a symbiosis of digital effectiveness and human creativity. We examine your project, define the necessary analysis filters and available analysis criteria and enable our databases to display all available programmes in real time. 


On this information, we create individual programme combinations and the best possible funding concepts along with all the necessary application forms and direct contacts to ensure project success.


Our DNA | Your Project
"we optimise your strategy"

Through our many years of experience and the many projects we have advised on, we know precisely how to position companies in a strategically correct way so that you can achieve the maximum funding level.


We always consider your vision, the development of your company and your planned project over a medium-term period. In this way, we aim to ensure that you always have sufficient liquidity on hand, to realise your project and that you can adapt to possible market changes.


Subsidy Angels
"we apply & negotiate"

The basic premise for direct support from our team, when applying for subsidy programmes and negotiating the conditions for granting subsidies with financial and funding institutions, is a specially executed subsidy analysis.


The basis for this approach is our remarkable success rate of over 90% of successfully monitored projects. When we supervise a project, we always do so with certainty and full conviction.


ESG & Sustainability.


ESG - SME & Real Estate Reporting

The regulations are in place and will become binding for you too, if they aren't already. By the look, every company will have to report in future! Establishing your own structures, however, costs time, money and frustration.


You focus on your core business and we support you with lean external structures. Our service is lawful and compliant. On top you get a certificate that is highly comparable on the market, including a scoring evaluation based on standardised risk management and reporting procedures.


ESG Rating Assessment

Our rating assessments are validated and our analysts are certified.

Through our expertise as certified rating analysts, we have created a 100% transparent and comparable digital ESG rating that covers every relevant criterion of every self-proclaimed ESG rating agency and bank.

Do you see greenwashing as a risk and want to protect yourself? If so, our rating is the right tool for you!


SDG Goals
UN Auditors

We have been commissioned by the UNGSII Foundation (2014, by the Director General of the UN Michael Moller) for the German-speaking European location to design UN Habitat audit procedures for projects, companies and cities as part of the 2030 Agenda for the certification of the first 80 cities in 20 countries and to test them in the first 80 cities and 80 industrial sectors.


Supply Chain
Analysis & Reporting

Do you already have to report or are you still exempt, whilst wanting to be proactive with your supply chain?

Globalisation and impacts such as higher energy costs are not compatible. It is therefore good to know how resilient your own supply chain is. 

Analyses and legally compliant reports are no problem for us!


Evaluate your partners and supply chains and highlight how resilient you are!

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