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Die Analyse der Daten

Corporate & Financing.

Mission Statement

Regardless of whether you are setting up, expanding or consolidating. The reasons why you need capital are as individual as your company's business case. Coming from the SME sector ourselves, we are familiar with the sensitive financing structures that companies acquire over time and know the pitfalls that can occur.  We bring clarity to the topic and give you the appropriate makeover.


Sustainable financing means successful communication! It all depends on the right choice of presentation and packaging! We build you the right tools (strategy, B-plan, IDW assessment, etc.)

Financing &

Venture Capital

As a financing specialist with a 20-year track record, we are the go-to partner when you require capital.


Our access to all relevant public and commercial banks ensures possible bank financing to secure your project.


Lacking equity capital?


If you lack equity capital, we expand your options to the venture capital market, equity-like financing and risk capital providers.

Our databases and networks enable direct and targeted identification of potential venture capital partners.

Strategy Consulting
Merger & Acquisition

From term sheet to closing. Company acquisitions or mergers are an important part of a long-term corporate strategy. With the support of our consulting teams, you identify the right measures to ensure your company's long-term viability.

This can be achieved through mergers or company acquisitions. Equally, it is also possible that your own company is to be sold. In both cases, we take care of all the necessary measures and details.

Rating Analyses &

Benefit from the added value of reliable rating analyses and certified rating assessments for your company.


Our methodology follows the international standards of the big three rating agencies and internal bank ratings of german commercial banks.


Our rating services are important tools of the traditional SME sector regarding financial markets and suppliers. 

With a rating assessment issued by us, you have a tool that stands up to any comparability and serves as a basis for comparison.

Business Plans 
& Assessments

When you commission a business plan, IDW S1-S11 assessment or any other performance-related analyses and reports from us, you can be sure that you will receive a product that complies with all relevant MiFID, Basel, IDW and DVFA standards and other customary market quality features.


Our aim is to provide you with informative and reliable documents for critical negotiating and your financing partners.


Our financial plans and valuations are scalable, and our price/performance ratio is a benchmark.


Utilising subsidies,

instead of increasing your own risk! 

Looking for a fast & successful application?

Your subsidy analysis in 7 days!

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What makes us stand out?

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