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Values & Responsibility

Our corporate principles

- Employees and management

Our values


We always act in accordance with the highest ethical standards. Integrity builds the foundation of our business practices, whether in our interactions with customers, employees or partners.



At CFE, we understand that our actions have an impact on the world around us. Therefore, we consistently focus on sustainable practices and environmental protection in order to make a positive contribution.



Respect is the key to a harmonious and productive working environment. We value the plurality of our employees and promote a corporate culture based on mutual respect.



Innovation is our driving force. We actively encourage our employees to contribute creative ideas and develop solutions that create real added value for our customers.

Our responsibility

People development

Our responsibility towards our employees goes far beyond the workplace. We offer continuous training, career opportunities and support the personal growth of every team member.


Community responsibility

As a member of society, we believe it is our duty to contribute to social development. Through charitable projects and social responsibility, we aim to contribute to the promotion of education and well-being in our community.


Transparent communication

We attach great importance to transparent communication. Our employees should always be informed about company developments in order to create a greater feeling of belonging and shared responsibility.


Work-life balance

The health and well-being of our employees are important to us. We strive to promote a healthy work-life balance and offer flexible working models to cater to individual needs.

What do we want to offer our employees?

Self-determination and training

We understand that self-determination is a decisive factor for the motivation and productivity of our employees. We encourage our teams to empower themselves and actively contribute their ideas. At the same time, we attach great importance to ongoing training that enables our employees to expand their skills and develop themselves professionally.


Workplace environment

A modern workplace should not only be functional, but also inspiring. Our offices are designed to promote a positive and collaborative atmosphere. We adopt flexible working models and create spaces that support innovation and creativity.


Modern approaches to business management

The way a company is managed has a significant impact on the success and well-being of its employees. At CFE, we rely on progressive management approaches based on trust, transparency and team solidarity. Our managers are not only mentors, but also help build bridges that pave the way for a successful journey together.


In a world that is constantly changing, we remain firmly anchored in our values and take responsibility for shaping a positive future. We are proud to be a company that not only strives for commercial success, but also actively contributes to creating an inspiring, inclusive and sustainable working culture.

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