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Subsidies &

"Shaping visions, securing livelihoods"

We view subsidies not only as an instrument. They are an existential, and yet often neglected, instrument for safeguarding and promoting the growth of SMEs.


If used and combined correctly, subsidies offer the ideal opportunity to position yourself in a strategically perfect and risk-optimised way. Fixed financing covenants, optimised collaterals and substantial indemnities or guarantees, secure planned projects and provide your company flexibility and predictability as it deserves.


We have been constantly expanding our specialised department for subsidies since our founding year. Thanks to our many years of experience and our close proximity to the market, we have earned a reputation as a highly creative and substantial partner for this type of service. 

Our activities in the field of subsidies are not just a traditional service, but a sense of responsibility to maintain the German SME sector.

As a pillar of our economy, every solvent and well-positioned company is a social asset in our eyes. 


Therby helping to keep Germany attractive as a business location and using our expertise to realise innovative projects, makes us proud. 


"Innovation and prosperity secure the future of our next generations"

Subsidy Quick Check
" we check your project free of charge"

Do you have an idea or vision for the direction of your company? Investing in yourself is always smart and makes sense in the long term.


But does your vision has to be realised with a large part of your own liquidity or are there better options?


We check whether your project can be financed directly through subsidy programmes. This way, your capital stays where it belongs and you can invest in the future.

- and all this with minimised risk

Subsidy analysis

"100% customised"

Our subsidy analysis is a symbiosis of digital effectiveness and human creativity. We examine your project, define the necessary analysis filters and available analysis criteria and enable our databases to display all available programs in real time.


On this information, we create individual program combinations and the best possible funding concepts along with all the necessary application forms and direct contacts to ensure project success.

Our DNA | Your project
"we optimise your strategy"

Through our many years of experience and the many projects we have advised on, we know precisely how to position companies in a strategically correct way so that you can achieve the maximum funding level.


We always consider your vision, the development of your company and your planned project over a medium-term period. In this way, we aim to ensure that you always have sufficient liquidity on hand, to realise your project and that you can adapt to possible market changes.

Subsidy Angels
"we apply & negotiate"

The basic premise for direct support from our team, when applying for subsidy programmes and negotiating the conditions for granting subsidies with financial and funding institutions, is a specially executed subsidy analysis.


The basis for this approach is our remarkable success rate of over 90% of successfully monitored projects. When we supervise a project, we always do so with certainty and full conviction.

Do you have any questions about our services?
Do you require our expertise?

Or are you currently just browsing and other services in our portfolio are much more interesting for you?

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But enough said...

Here you can see directly what makes us and our expertise truly unique!

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Our three quality standards
for subsidy counselling...

Data quality, compliance conformity, expertise

"all-in-one principle" 

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For the fast reader, here is our "doing" in a nutshell


Ready to go!

Your analysis starts here...

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CFE_web_förderanalyse_en_5 (tr).png

Our analytical depth and range of filter capabilities are unique

We analyse & combine up to your personal funding mix

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CFE_web_förderanalyse_en_7 (tr).png

Our mandate includes the coherence of the financing and the principle of dual control of our consultants

You want more details?

We provide all programmes, conditions and contacts along with it!

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Your subsidy project at expert level. 

You've never experienced subsidy counselling like this before!

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